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Consultant Urological Surgeon

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MS FRCS(Eng&Ed) FRCS(Urol)


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Mr Coppinger has special interests in stone and prostatic disease.


He has designed specialist instruments for stone surgery and has a large experience in both ureteroscopy and percutaneous stone surgery (the latter is a form of minimally invasive or ‘keyhole’ surgery, allowing removal of large kidney stones through a tiny incision).


Mr Coppinger has a large general urological practice as well as his specialist interests. He feels that it is vital to treat the whole patient and his wide training prior to specialising has informed his approach. Over the years he has developed interests in chronic prostatitis and the painful bladder syndrome, which are poorly understood, painful and debilitating conditions.


He has been involved in the development and assessment of new instruments and irrigating solutions for prostate surgery: This interest dates from his research days and has continued into his clinical practice


He has a long-standing interest in the function of the bladder and regularly performs urodynamics (a special test to assess the function of the bladder). This has inevitably led to an interest in continence and it’s related problems in both men and women.